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Controllers Office

The Controllers Office consists of Financial Services, Financial Reporting Services and Financial Management Systems.
The Controllers Office supports and promotes the University's mission by providing financial leadership and innovation in business strategy and processes. In partnership with the university community, we develop and improve business services in regards to systems, processes, practices, policies, and guidelines. We will continuously evaluate and improve ourselves and our services to meet current and future challenges by establishing strong communication resources.

Controllers Office

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Financial Reporting Services

Financial Reporting Services (FRS) is responsible for preparing various financial reports and tax returns and also for managing various financial processes.
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Financial Management Systems

The Financial Management Systems (FMS) is a comprehensive suite of integrated modules within a single software application that provides administrative business functions to campus departments – Financial Accounting, Payment Processes, Deposit Transactions, Budgeting, Grants Management, Asset Management and Reporting.
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Financial Services

Financial Services is responsible for central finance operations for the Lawrence and Edwards Campuses. Units within Financial Services include Accounting Services, Accounts Payable, Finance Help Desk, Payroll Services, Property Accounting Services, Student Accounts and Receivables, and Travel.