FITC P2P Frequently Asked Questions

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Sign up on or Email

  • Verify you are in FIREFOX browser
  • Confirm you are using the latest version of Firefox
    • Click the three lines in the top right corner, click Help > About
    • This window will indicate whether your FF is up to date, or needs to be updated
  • Clear cache
  • Ensure you have updated your computer

The purchase order will be manually created by Purchasing, the queue is monitored daily.

If you have any concerns regarding a requisition, contact the helpdesk or purchasing 

No. The requisition will need to be rejected or withdrawn and canceled. A new requisition will need to be created.

  • Create a requisition
  • Save and close
  • In Manage Requisitions, highlight the requisition, click Actions > Reassign
  • Search the user, click box to Send Notification 
  • Open the invoice
  • Click Actions > Manage Installments
  • Select Pick Up check in Delivery Channel
  • Add an attachment, File type=text, Categories= to payables. File name= Name of person picking up check and extension, Title= Check pickup

One invoice per one non PO invoice in FITC

240 characters

Yes. Make sure to select Credit memo in the header of the invoice.

If the Credit Memo references a PO, email it to

All KUPPS and FITC data is in OAC.

Use 725 funds and the reimbursable box for the KUEA Oper ID.

The supplier site field on the invoice drives where the payment is sent.

If there are multiple remits, click the drop down to select the correct one.

The invoice date is the Date field on the invoice.

Payment terms defaults to Immediate, do not change this value.

Once the invoice date is entered, the Terms date will default to the date entered.

Payment Tab has the payment information.

Reconciled means it cleared the bank.

The approver can reassign the task to another approver and also set up a delegation from an off campus computer by logging into FITC or Email to set up a delegation and reassign tasks

Click on the magnifying glass for a quick search or use Manage Requisitions or Manage Invoices to do an advanced search.

Tip: make sure there are no extra spaces before or after the value

Save and Close saves the requisition for future edits or actions.

Submit initiates workflow.

Use a Non Catalog Request form

  • Leave the Supplier Site blank in the Non Catalog Request.
  • Add and attachment, Text- to The Buyer - with the new email or fax number in the comment box. 

Contact the supplier directly with your Purchase Order number.

  • Invoice questions
  • Incorrect items or qty
  • Damaged items 
  • Expediting or Cancelling order

Go into settings in your browser and clear all browsing history. Usually located in the top right hand corner. Email the Help Desk at if you need assistance.